daoyin yang sheng gong shierfa 

The Benefits

This Form consists of 12 exercises adapted from over 50 Dao Yin Health Qigong forms. Movements are graceful and easy to learn. It combination of meditation, leading chi go through body meridian with regulations of breathing. Daoyin Qigong is integrated breathing exercises through the practice, it regulates your whole body system includes:mind, lung, heart, internal organs and therefore to achieve the maximum of harmony balance in living. Daoyin qigong is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine as nature therapy for thousands of years. Practitioner simply enjoy your own body music of regulation of breath, feeling the chi flow through your body like wave in the sea, one after the other, therefore achieve the highest enjoyment of living.

The circles of different sizes exactly correspond to the circular paths of all the things in the universe. they not only increase the flexibility of all the joints of the body, but also strengthen the muscles, bones and ligaments. Even more important is its reflections the coordination between the rise and fall of the movements and the qi circulation of the internal organs, and the harmonious relationships between man and nature, which means the "harmony of man with nature". This undoubtedly has certain effects on improving the physique, preventing and treating illnesses, and prolonging life.

The benefits of 2 fish hung on a wall Qigong 
1. Helps to improve the functions of the lung&relieve disorders of the respiratory system ie coughs and colds
2 helps improve function of spleen & stomach, help relive indigestion & stomach ache
3  improves kidney function and a certain  effect on the reproductive and urinary systems 


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