Poem of Fang Sung Kung

Poem of Fang Sung Kung

Poem of Fang Sung Kung


With a high pillow I lay on my bed

I keep my body comfortable and relaxed

I breath in and out naturally

And say the words quiet, and relax silently

I think of the word quite as I inhale

And the word Relax as I exhale,


As I silently say the word relax,

I first tell my muscles to relax

First, I relax my head arms and neck,

Then my chest abdomen, waist, and back,

Finally  I tell my legs and feet to become relaxed,


After repeating this three times to get my body at ease,

I tell my organs and cavities to relax,

I keep my breathing rhythm steady, narrow and even,

While focusing my attention on my abdomen,

As my mind enters into a state of Mental Calm,

I enjoy this sleep-like but awake state of Consciousness

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