Milborne St Andrew

Milborne St Andrew 

A village that lies on the A354 Dorchester to Blandford road. Today there is little trace of Milborne Stileham. The Normans built a church and the village became Mulborne {sic} St. Andrew in 1294, but no one seems to know why part of the village, which an old map shows as lying alongside Milborne St Andrew is called Milborne Stileham - but that name is 600 years old.  The parish church of St Andrew, is an old building in the Early English style.  It was restored in the Victorian era and the registers date from 1660. A Wesleyan chapel was built in 1867.

A market used to be held in the village. A National School for 150 pupils was constructed in 1867. The Dorset Boys Industrial was opened in the parish in 1857, boys were trained for agricultural pursuits, tailoring, shoemaking, baking, the sea and army. The soil is gravel and the chief crops used to be wheat, oats and barley. Milborne St Andrew is 1745 acres and Milborne Stileham 885 acres. In 1891 the population of St Andrew was 286 and Stileham 272 persons which included 75 in the Industrial School.

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