Tai Ji Yang Sheng Zhang Qigong

Tai Ji Yang Sheng Zhang Qigong

Tai Chi Stick Health Preservation Exercises

Tai Ji Yang Sheng Zhang Qigong was created by the Chinese Health Qigong Association to improve health, wellbeing and to promote longevity. .It follows the principles of the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine by balancing yin and yang. The exercises are graceful, easy to learn, and suitable for people of all ages. It helps cure diseases, improve health and prolong life.

It consists of eight exercises performed with a stick (cane), which becomes an extension of the body. The stick is used to massage internal organs, stimulate pressure points, stretch muscles and tendons, co-ordinate breathing and calm the mind. The practice of Taiji Yang Sheng Zhang Qigong helps to correct posture and back problems, strengthen the joints, and balance the body's chi. It is highly recommended for people with shoulder, neck and wrist complaints due to accidental injury, a sedentary life style or repetitive strain injury.

Movements are:

1.   Boatman Rows with an Oar (Shao Gong Yao Lu)

2.   Boat Rows Slowly (Qing Zhou Huan Xing)

3.   Wind Kisses Lotus Leaves (Feng Bai He Ye)

4.   Boatman Tows a Boat (Chuan Fu Bei Qian)

5.   Iron Stick Clams the Sea (Shen Zhen Ding Hai)

6.   Golden Dragon Wags Its Tail (Jin Long Jiao Wei)

7.   Search for Treasure in the Sea (Tan Hai Xun Bao)

8.   Qi Returns to Dantian (Qi Gui Dan Tian)

Tai Ji Yang Sheng Zhang Qigong is easy to learn and can be practised by anyone, regardless of age and experience.

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